banner image: Tuesday Smillie, Together, 2017

This is a small, advanced seminar in which learning will rely on everyone’s participation and collaboration. As part of your responsibility for the progress of the course, you will sign up for particular roles in discussion-leading, note-taking, and written reflections. Half of your grade will come from your active engagement with readings and discussions in class and online, and half will come from the individual research project you will work on in the second half of the semester.

Ongoing engagement:
Weekly online responses: 20%
Opening and closing reflections: 5%
Leading discussion: 10%
Engaged participation: 10%
Collaborative note-taking: 5%

Final project:
• Preliminary proposal: 5%
• Annotated bibliography: 10%
• Workshop draft: 10%
• Presentation: 5%
• Final submission: 20%